Fine Arts Blount

Pave the Way for Art

Art is not a thing, it is a way to build a stronger community.
 Art makes children healthier.
 Art makes families stronger.
 Art brings revenue into our county.

You can help keep the Arts alive in Blount County!

Help make Blount County a stronger community.
Contribute to Fine Arts Blount today!


Fine Arts Blount provides an outlet for creative energy, stimulates the imagination, encourages on-going self-education, extends purpose, builds self-esteem, enriches lives, enhances the community's quality of life, contributes to the local economy and is an ongoing part of the revitalization of Historic Downtown Maryville, TN.

We need your help to keep art alive in Blount County.  Art has been proven to improve the academics & self-esteem of children and the lives of seniors.  We are constantly working to bring art to young and old alike, regardless of financial standing.  With the generous help of our community, we will be able to offer scholarships to families in need, so that they too can become involved in the arts.